Thursday, June 26, 2008

Status - 06/26

Just a quick note... I did a big mail-run yesterday, so all paid orders received by about 10:00 AM were shipped out. A few pending PayPal orders are awaiting clearance.

A test copy of The Fortieth Day "V" CD arrived, and it looks and sounds good. Copies will be available via the July update. The new LP on Diophantine Discs should be at Apop and Revolver/Midheaven, for those who may require an alternate mail-order source. I do not yet know of other outlets that the label has placed it at.

July will be relatively quiet, release-wise, but August and September should be action-packed...

The next two to three weeks will be extremely busy for me, due to work and work-related travel, so I imagine that correspondence and posts will slow down a bit.