Thursday, July 03, 2008

Animal Law in Chicago Reader

I guess that I am out of the band!?!

From the Reader


ANIMAL LAW Chicago’s latest entry in the avant-metal sweepstakes is a Cthulhu-oid monster of a supergroup: Blake Edwards, aka Vertonen; Jason Soliday of Behold! the Living Corpse; Gays in the Military vet Geoffrey Alan Guy; and former Flying Luttenbachers and Cheer-Accident mainstay Dylan Posa. They’ve been working on a full-length for a tentative fall release, and their chosen sound is roaring, cavernous, and ominous—like a set of Edgar Allan Poe-model bells being smacked about by Keiji Haino’s head mounted on an ax handle. Soliday’s baritone guitar and Edwards’s artfully violent percussion (which often involves large pieces of steel being brought into sudden contact) do much to give these heavy, heavy tracks their abandoned-factory feel. Plague Bringer headlines, Animal Law plays third, Big Knife goes second, and Al-Thawra opens. 6 PM, Ronny’s, 2101 N. California,, $5. All Ages —Monica Kendrick
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