Sunday, July 06, 2008

Animal Law, Last Night

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at the early, all ages show at Ronny's, last night. I appreciated talking to so many new people, and getting such good feedback from them. It is nice to see our audience expanding and to look out and see new faces while we are playing. Thanks to Metal Ann and Metal Leslie for their kind words and astute observations... and the bourbon. Thanks to all of the other bands for enduring the switches in the booking schedule, etc. And thanks to Ronny's - and to Vito at MPshows who sorted things out for us.

I was pleased to be able to play with Al-Thawra again, and I thought that they sounded really good - and full - with a live drum kit. Big Knife was tight as hell, and that is not even considering that the have only played a few shows, so far. And, embarrassingly, it has been quite a while since I have seen Plague Bringer live. I have been enjoying the new album, quite a lot, and it was really great to finally see them with two guitars... which just adds to their brutality. Their set was fucking intense... and pretty damned flawless.

I think that things went well for us, overall. I had a lot of trouble hearing myself, so I could not tell if I was singing in-tune, or not, much of the time. The new song - "Hurry, Please" - worked nicely, which I was really happy about. We moved fairly swiftly through our five songs... um... swiftly in Animal Law terms. A few transitions were a bit slow, but no major breakdowns, or anything, and we opted to ditch the long, drawn-out versions of songs for this outing.

Here is our set list:

"Never Alone"
"Above Heaven"
"Hurry, Please"