Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I saw Sex/Vid at Beat Kitchen, last night. Let me first say that they blew away any developing preconceived notions that I have about the new wave of current "Retro American Hardcore" bands that is fast growing in popularity. Sex/Vid were fast and loud, heavy, raw, and brutal. Thick-as-fuck sounding, too. The noise/early-industrial connection --- they are on / they now operate --- DOM America (check out the logo in the photo) --- is a weird, added bonus, and I was happy to hear the story, first hand, from Judd.
All of the key hardcore/punk reference points are here -- -- but I swear that I heard Hellhammer and even "Deathcrush"-era Mayhem in the guitars, too.

Thanks to Collin (ex-Intrinsic Action) for the hook-up with the band, and thanks to the band for the kind hospitality!

Now I am kicking myself for missing Total Abuse (yes, their name is what you think it is) a month ago. Ah well... Next time.