Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wierd on EVR

Last night, there was a Wierd Records special broadcast on East Village Radio, filled with almost entirely exclusive and unheard (non-LP) tracks. A great two-hour listen (barring the embarrassing shout out after the Sleep Museum track!?!) while sitting at your computer, as I have been doing all day.

Listen to the Broadcast Archived or download the Podcast here:

The Siamese Pearl - 'Feeding the Fire Minotaurs'
Angel of Decay - 'The Death Machine'
Human Puppets - 'A Short Introductions'
Human Puppets - 'Things Change Fast'
Staccato du Mal - 'Solo Baila Sola'
Xeno & Oaklander - '4th Wall'
A Squared - 'Under the Light'
Cadaver in Drag - 'Teaching a Prostitute to Play Dead'
Sleep Museum - 'Exultant Trees'
Demons - 'Life Destroyer'
Led er Est - 'The Unkept Area'
Led er Est - 'Wait for You'
Opus Finis - 'The Errors of Eros'
Blacklist - 'Pure Joy in My Heart'(Asylum Party)
Ronin - 'Le Cri du Chat'
Martial Canterel - 'Some Days'
Xeno & Oaklander - 'Toho Pictures'
Martial Canterel - 'Madrigals'
Envenomist - 'The Lady in the Cave'
Pax Titania - 'Cycles : 9'
Further Reductions - 'Looking at the Walls'
Aime Le Chevalier - 'The Distance Between Us'
Tamaryn - 'Return to Surrender'
The Hunt - '15 Minutes'
Blacklist - 'Shock in the Hotel Falcon'