Thursday, August 07, 2008

I just did another big mail run today. All paid individual orders are in the mail. A couple of distro orders are still pending. Also, it was my first time at my P.O. box in ages. I was totally loaded down with stuff coming home and I will definitely respond to everyone who sent something ASAP.

I received a copy of the new "Exoteric" zine from Aldo Volpe, which includes the most complete and up-to-date BLOODYMINDED interview in ages. "Thanks!" to Aldo...

Once again, check here for details:

I also just got an amazing package from Xavier. Regular and special editions of the new "Timeless." This is no zine, be sure of that. It is a book. A thick one. Lavishly illustrated. Absolutely beautiful stuff. Greg Scott's section on Intrinsic Action, which was meant for release, via Timeless, long ago, was pretty moving to finally see completed. His notations about the photographs and related live shows were really cool to read through. So cool to see Mike from Eyehategod in there... and so many other great pieces of work. The special box set version is pretty mind-boggling. The limited photos and prints - including Peter Christopherson (TG/PTV/Coil), Romaine Slocombe, Stu Mead, etc. - are beautiful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and not just for the obvious connections/reasons...

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