Monday, August 25, 2008

Status - 08-25

It was a busy weekend, mostly filled with work. I did take the time to finish "Lordotics," which I highly recommend to those with such tastes. I think that it is Pete's tightest "narrative" yet [tapestry of different information streams], even though keeping the different voices straight was a bit disorienting, at times. It demanded close attention. I definitely think that it revealed his most thorough - and certainly up-to-date - definition of "pornography," yet. I also squeezed in a DVD -- "Atomized" -- the film based on one of my favorite books (AKA "The Elementary Particles" by Michel Houellebecq) from the last several years. It was worth seeing, but it certainly stung less than the book did.

I am putting together the weekend's orders, for a Post Office run, ASAP. It looks like it will be an extremely hectic week, but with a nice pay-off on Friday. Also, Animal Law meets with our producer/engineer guys, at tonight's practice, to discuss/plan September recording sessions.

Abdominal aid... place "Failure" on repeat and execute sit-ups until you are in severe pain