Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More on Saint Louis

For those who are interested, a re-post from Dustin's (Apop/Eugenics Council) write-up on the Troniks/Chondritic Sound forum:

"Worm Hands & Ghost Ice both put on shorter sets then usual. Worm Hands was missing a member, but Josh manged to provide plenty of low bass drones and madman vocals to keep everyone happy. Ghost Ice sets are getting stranger and stranger. Very glitchy analog sounds, nice panning, and always building in momentum. Ghost Ice has developed some very unique sounds and a style all of his own. I look forward to the day when Ghost Ice finally gets around to releasing material. More people need to hear his sounds. Following Ghost Ice Peter showed his films upstairs in the shop. If your familiar with Buyers Market, or the collage tracks on Whitehouse cds you can get a pretty good idea what the films where like. Oddly enough some people seemed rather bothered by them and left the shop while they played, but overall they where well received. I personally found them to be a pleasure to watch. Following the films, Eugenics Council played. The line up included D.N.(myself), Rosemary Malign, and Tiffany Minx. Overall pretty happy about the performance and the current line up. We managed to get through the entire set without any major gear failure, and Tiffany I think pulled off the Fear cover quite well. More shows and recordings with this line up is imminent. After a few altercations involving a girl and a lead pipe, sweeping away the broken glass and a few other inconveniences Phillip and Mark took the "stage". Mark and Phillip have a really great dynamic onstage together, one of the best I've ever seen. Phillips vocals where loud and clear, and the digital glitches from the laptop seemed to be timed to Phillips crotch rubs and nipple tweaking, all the while Mark provided thick and filthy synth lines. Phillip had to warn people a few times throughout the set that they must back up if he was to continue. This show was by far the best I have seen in a long time, enjoyed the C.E. set more then any of the post Sotos Whitehouse shows I have seen."