Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No More White Vinyl?!?

I honestly fucking thought that this color vinyl shortage was bullshit. The last BloodLust! private series 7-inch singles - Prurient and Locrian - were pressed in January. I just got the Failing Lights single pressed this month, and they are on their way to me, now. So I guess that I missed over half a year of dwindling stock of color.

On Monday, I was preparing to send the Redrot master to the pressing plant and I found out they they are now out of white and nearly every other color. They must have just run out of white within the last week!

I have called every reputable pressing plant in the USA... and some less-than-reputable places. Only one even has white in stock, but they have a high minimum order for color vinyl --- not to mention that they have always seemed to be one of the most expensive manufacturers around.

Most of the plants are saying November, at the earliest, for when they HOPE to get new raw materials, but no guarantees.

Maybe this is the natural cutting-off point for the private series??? I was already working on something for a new Mauthausen Orchestra single -- closer to the ten older BloodLust! singles from the 1990s... printed fold-over sleeves, but with black vinyl.

Still, this seems like such a shitty way to have to end the series, prior to the Redrot, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, and what I had hoped would be one final entry...

And it seems contradictory to all of this talk about the great vinyl resurgence... Best Buy stocking vinyl, etc...