Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Status - 09-24

- I will be away until Sunday or Monday. I will be mailing outstanding orders today

- A test copy of the Sleep Museum "Home" CD (B1118) is on its way to me. I will evaluate it next week and, barring any problems, it will be manufactured in time for a November 1st release

- Mastering and design work on the Locrian "Rhetoric of Surfaces"CD (B!113) is wrapping up. It will not make it in time for the previously announced October 1st release date but it should be ready for November 1st

- The shipment of Failing Lights "True Form" singles should be here any day now, on schedule for an October 1st release

- The Neil Jendon (B!117) and the Culver (B!121) CDs are on a UPS truck, heading to my front door, at this very moment

- Isidro and I did some good The Fortieth Day work yesterday, for the first time in far too long - which included chocolate/hazelnut and banana gelato for me - and peach and mango gelato for him. Isidro prepared a set of interesting rhythm tracks that hearken back to the long-lost "Isolationism" period of the mid-1990s... weird... We are hoping to confirm a Día de los Muertos-related show, ASAP, which will likely be my last show of the year, under any band, name, etc...

- Animal Law, R.I.P.