Thursday, October 23, 2008

Booking Notes

As I have been getting a rather large number of booking requests recently, I thought that I should post something here. BLOODYMINDED played more local shows than we had originally intended this year (mostly great shows, no doubt!) and we definitely will not play again until after the New Year, at least until we can wrap up our next album. The Fortieth Day plays on November 2nd, so it will be a few months until we play again. My solo thing is on hold until I can get a satisfying new direction sorted out, and until I can work out more details on the installation plans that I started ages ago... And that Super Eight Loop show that I just did was definitely a special, one-time-only thing. No, really.

And as for people who need a Chicago show, as previously posted, I am taking some time off from organizing, booking, and promoting shows, with very few exceptions. In an attempt to still provide some sort of assistance, both in Chicago and beyond, I am continuing to update the "Midwest Tour Resource" on the Troniks/Chondritic Sound message board, even if there has been rather nominal input from people in most of the cities and towns included in the list.