Friday, October 10, 2008

Saturday Night: Martial Canterel - Hive Mind - EaVil - Super Eight Loop - DJ Pieter of Wierd NYC

On Saturday October 11, New York-based minimal synth artist Martial Canterel stops at Hotti Biscotti in Chicago, during his "Cruelty Reigns in the Midwest" tour - to celebrate the release of a very limited edition recording on the Ann Arbor experimental music label, Chondritic Sound. Joining him is Chondritic Sound head-honcho, Greh Holger, performing his acclaimed dark analog synth soundscapes under the name Hive Mind. Local dark synth-pop duo, EaVil, emerge from their summer hibernation to help bridge the gap between melody and dissonance. Mark Solotroff (of BLOODYMINDED/A Vague Disquiet/The Fortieth Day) will perform for his first, last, and only time under the Super Eight Loop moniker. Since 1993, Super Eight Loop has acted as a studio-only analog synth project, marked by long-form walls of analog noise, only ever released on audio cassette. This show will be the recording session for the 100th - and final - Super Eight Loop release, which will see the light of day in January 2009. DJ Pieter Schoolwerth, who hosts the weekly Wierd (sic) party in New York, who runs Wierd Records, and who is a long-standing member of BLOODYMINDED, will be bringing the "very rare" minimal synth and cold wave sounds that he is known to spin, in between each set.


Saturday October 11, 2008

Hotti Biscotti
3545 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Time: 10:00 PM

Cost: $10.00 suggested donation for the touring bands - Along with entry, the first 50 paying guests will receive an advance copy of the upcoming Sleep Museum "Home" CD on BloodLust! (to be released in November 2008)


WIERD Records and BloodLust! Present:

Martial Canterel

Hive Mind


The First and Last and Only performance by
Super Eight Loop
(A special live recording of S8L100, the final Super Eight Loop cassette, to be released in January 2009)

DJ Pieter Schoolwerth (WIERD Records NYC/BLOODYMINDED)


Martial Canterel:

Martial Canterel (previously called Moravagine) is a minimal wave/synth project by Sean McBride from New York. The project has been renamed for his first officially released album “Confusing Outsides” (2005), because there are already two other bands using the name Moravagine. Martial Canterel records and performs using only vintage analogue synthesizers and sequencers, producing a highly-crafted, complex, and idiosyncratic form of electronic music that is simultaneously romantically melancholic and affirmatively aggressive. Inspired both by the first wave of relatively unknown minimal electronic bands in Northern Europe(a musical genre also often referred to as ‘minimal synth‘) and the seminal industrial noise bands such as Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Cabaret Voltaire, Martial Canterel presents a new optimistic paradigm for electronic music in which the analogue synthesizer functions anew as a folk instrument of humanist resistance to a virtual ‘soft synth‘, iPod, and iTunes saturated world of ‘click and drag‘ dematerialized abstraction. Sean is also a member of the following projects: Xeno and Oaklander (with Miss Liz Wendelbo), Three to Forgotten (together with Miss Liz Wendelbo & Cheyney Thompson).


Hive Mind:

Hive Mind is a brutal patch of analog smog hovering over the already bleak landscape of Detroit, Michigan. A constantly throbbing, full frequency signal transmitter which is only limited by the physical restraints of time and the artificial constructs of society, Hive Mind has both blessed and cursed us with dozens of musical communications in almost every imaginable format. Pushing the limits of analog media and revealing the coldness inherent in the digital, the most striking
aspects of these releases is how they are so easily conceivable as infinite: the slow movement of the tectonic plates, the threat of a horrible tsunami, and the utter depression of an endless stream of
sinister colored sunsets … this is Hive Mind. In live performance Hive Mind is a crouching shadow, blind and incapable of normal human communication - the sounds unleashed are like an army of deaf and dumb synthesizers, stumbling in glue fumes and eventually revealing their position in a terrifying free-fall into the bottomless pit of humanity.



EaViL formed their permanent collaboration in late 2002. Chicago brought together two sides of the world geographically and psychically. EaViL is a duo consisting of n.VI and E.IV. E creates vocals, lyrics and abstract noises. n creates projections and visuals as well as composing the music. Historical and psychological themes both personal and universal dominate their music. Their audio / visual performances are best suited for galleries and small spaces. Early avant-garde and experimental shorts, the sky, architecture and squirrels are immense sources of inspiration. Paradox is a prominent variable. This is evident in the use of noise and melody, “dark” and “light” themes and conflicting moods. Their first output was a series of wildly varied compilations. These conceptual CDs incorporated their favorite artists and influences. This eventually led to an interest in VJ/DJ sets of obscure music and videos. Collaborations with Miss Julie Fabulous provided experience with many different aspects of filmmaking. Creating music began with them performing live as part of The Electric Set. They have participated in the Version 06 and Select Media 05 Festivals. They have performed on Chic-A-Go-Go and venues throughout the city including: Nihilist, Peter Jones Gallery, Empty Bottle, Enemy and Heaven Gallery. EaViL have self released two EPS Le Miroir and Phantasmic Seam under their NERV imprint. A full length album is set for release in the near future.


Super Eight Loop:

Super Eight Loop is Mark Solotroff of BLOODYMINDED, A Vague Disquiet, and The Fortieth Day. This is his first, last, and only performance under the S8L moniker.

“After completing a short U.S. tour in support of Whitehouse, Intrinsic
Action took a break to regroup and prepare for our last hurrah. A month later, in September of 1993, I decided to lock myself away with a bunch of analog synths to create some simple, primitive power-electronic tracks that recalled the heyday of the early 80s - what got me started in the first place. … Super Eight Loop has everything to do with New York City, primarily the filthiest fringes of the now defunct Times Square. While the absence of lyrics/vocals will not offer much in the way of clues, you can start on 43rd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, and go from there.” — Mark Solotroff, September 1996