Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Status - 10-07

- Thanks to the existence of easy-to-use, consumer grade video software, the Super Eight Loop DVD is ready for Saturday night. Now I need to finalize the gear situation. But this is one load off of my back. Posters are up at several record stores around the city and I am hoping for some unfamiliar faces at this show...

- In lieu of my normal Monday night Animal Law practice, Isidro and I had another interesting The Fortieth Day workout last night, and we are continuing to try some new directions with our sound. Yet again, we broke from our traditional post-practice taqueria run, as Isidro had a strong craving for Kumas. They changed the fries, it seems. Hmmmm. I had the Lair of the Minotaur for the first time and it was quite good. We hope to begin work with Lisa (Noise Crush), next week, in preparation for our November 2nd show at Cobra Lounge

- The Locrian "Rhetoric of Surfaces" master and artwork are at the pressing plant and I should have test CDs in about a week

- Mail-order packages from the last few days should be going out later today