Sunday, October 12, 2008

Synth Synth Synth

Saturday October 11, 2008
Hotti Biscotti
Chicago, IL

Martial Canterel
Hive Mind
Neil Jendon
Super Eight Loop

First off, thanks to Richard at Hotti Biscotti for hosting; thanks to Jason Soliday, for bringing the Enemy PA speakers; thanks to Neil for agreeing to play at the last minute; thanks to all of our friends... from Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Louis, Detroit and Kalamzoo, etc., who came out to support the show. Thanks to Marlene and Baby Dickers, for manning the door.

So, no surprise, the DJ thing was not fully realized as the venue did not have gear and we all just wanted to kind of have a good time. The Wierd mix CDs - well, the ones that did not skip - did the trick, even if the substitute bartender would not turn up the volume.

I went on first, and thankfully, everything worked. The DVD projection... all four synths... now I just need to see how the recordings came out. I played a 30-minute set that I feel accurately represented what Super Eight Loop has always been about. Hopefully, it will act as a fitting end.

Neil Jendon was really great about jumping in at the last minute -- flourless chocolate cake be damned -- and he filled in for EaVil who had to cancel. Neil wasted little time in blasting into a spectacular modular synth assault. It may have even been more abrasive than his set opening for Consumer Electronics. Heavy and loud as hell. So nice to have him on board right after the release of his CD on BloodLust!

Hive Mind was up third, building upon the evolving style last witnessed at the Empty Bottle in July. Still heavy on the analog fog, but with newly added "acoustic" elements. Aggressive at points and more zoned out at others. Also really loud and clear. I am totally enjoying witnessing the transition to this new area that Grey is reaching with his music. Excellent!

Martial Canterel. Fuck! I have played with Sean before and I have just been in the audience before. I think it is always like seeing him for the first time. This was a triumphant, epic set. The crowd was totally enthralled. And what a great mix of noise and minimal-synth people in the audience. Eating out of his hand. Some, because of the insistent beat. Some, because of the utter cold and assured presence cutting through the smoke and blazing blue lights. Some, because they were blown away by the live synth playing. A perfect show for noise girlfriends, no doubt.

Late night Armagnac and limoncello session back in Garfield Park. Then, an extravagent brunch of French toast, roasted potatos, etc. 88 degrees today. Backyard coma. Pieter and Sean must still be driving to Lexington. Hurry! The show is about to start.