Monday, November 24, 2008

Animal Law - Show No Mercy

Well, even though it is after the fact, my thanks go to Peter Sotos - and to Brandon Stosuy - for including Animal Law in a top ten list in Brandon's "Show No Mercy" column on Pitchfork:

Peter Sotos
01. Whores of Leith: Bangkok Fanny-rat [New Juche]
02. Lou Reed: Berlin: Live at St. Anne's Warehouse [Matador]
03. Consumer Electronics: Crowd Pleaser [Hand To Mouth]
04. ANTIchildLEAGUE: The Father [Hagshadow]
05. Iggy Pop: Where the Faces Shine, Vol. 2 [Easy Action]
06. Wewelsburg: Ultima Intolerance [Othal Productions]
07. Emit: Abortions [Autumn Wind]
08. Animal Law: Live [Bloodlust!]
09. Avsky: Malignant (Moribund]
10. Elite: We Own the Mountains [Folter]

View the entire column - including Dominick from Prurient's list - here:

P.S. Due to our break-up, the live CD never did happen. This was an advance copy...