Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eve of Destruction

I saw a great show last night at Cobra Lounge, with Plague Bringer, Yakuza, The Atlas Moth, and Winters in Osaka. A nice Thanksgiving eve sort of thing. W.I.O. opened with a twin-guitar, dark doom assault, they moved into almost "pop" grindcore territory, and then finished with nearly pure power-electronics. And a Butthole Surfers cover, to boot! The Atlas Moth had some nice moments of sludgy, doomy psychedelia, with near-Paradise Lost guitar flurishes, but they did not quite gel for me. Yakuza played a tough-as-nails, straighter metal set... relying less on the jazz/avant-garde side of things. Plague Bringer finished the night with a display of sheer brutality. Amazing!