Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Status - 11/26

- I skipped out of practice (the band with no name) early last night - even though we were making good progress on a couple of songs - in order to make it in time to see Wilderness at Schubas. Excellent show. They just plowed through one song after another, bridging the gaps with intense, sheering guitar sounds. I have been listening to their new CD - "(k)no(w)here" - a lot over the past couple of weeks. Nice to hang out with friends at the show. Not the creepy Popeye guy, though


- I did another Post Office run before practice, so all paid orders are in the mail. I have a lot of CDs and cassettes to get through, not to mention what I brought back from NYC. A couple of standouts are the new Bongripper + Winters in Osaka 3-inch, a pre-release of the Zone (NYC) "Elements" CD, the Tamaryn CDEP that I think will be re-released by Troubleman, and the Opus Finis "Pursue the Tragic Tune" CD. And still in rotation... the recent Splinter vs Stalin "Eravamo Così Felici" CD

- "The Shield" is over. Sigh...

Happy Thanksgiving!