Friday, December 19, 2008

Heavy Rotation

Loop "Fade Out" 2xCD re-issue
Loop "Heaven's End" 2xCD re-issue
(Loop has never fallen out of rotation with me, and the start of the re-issue campaign is an exciting thing for me -- aside from the re-enforcement of my fear that sometimes I prefer acquiring re-issues of favorite groups/albums more than hearing new music)

Haptic "Repetition" (master for BloodLust! cassette)
Climax Denial (tracks for split with Staccato du Mal)
Wertham "Memories From The Pigsty" CD (Excellent! Thanks, Marco!)
Körperwelten "Avatars Of Rape And Rage" CD (with thanks to Jonathan Canady, who did the appropriately over-the-top artwork... but is this really named after the hokey traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies?)

Head of David (Loop era, no shit. Everything, including BBC sessions... When does that re-issue campaign start? 2xCD sets with "H.O.D.I.C.A.," "The Saveana Mixes," and "White Elephant" vinyl as bonus material, for a start???)


All the Saints "Fire on Corridor X" CD (only slightly dislodged by Loop)
Brainbombs "Fucking Mess" LP

+ continuing to work my way through a haul of great Cleveland "noise" stuff from a recent show... David Russell, Outer Space, Tanked, etc...