Sunday, December 07, 2008

Synth Fun

Nice show at Enemy last night:

- Face Worker (Brett [Slave Trade] from Druids of Huge) playing Wierd-worthy analog synth patterns through my old Korg MS-10... nice to see/hear it put to very good use!

- Jenni Graf of Metalux and Harrius playing some odd circuit bent thing -- very synthy -- and guitar -- and singing

- Outer Space - from Cleveland (John from Emeralds - Delina - Ralph H. [!]) on, like, two Korg MS-20s, an MS-10, sequencers, etc. Full-force progressive synth with emerging shoegazer vocals... massive-sounding waves of space dust... Makes up for Emeralds cancelling tonight's Empty Bottle show...

- Tanked - from Cleveland (members of Relentless Corpse, Skin Graft, ex-Jerk, etc.) -- Tough as nails noise rock with the emphasis on noise - and on talcum powder. Enemy never smelled better. Pummeling. Brutal.

- Ratatosk - formerly the jazz duo of Jason Soliday and Ben Billington -- Ben has uped the ante by launching into a side carreer of electronics and mic'ed up metal junk. Who knew? They are still a jazzed-up unit, especially when Ben shifts gears and jumps behind his drum kit. heavily disorienting, electro-acoustic noise burst what-the-fuck style...