Friday, May 16, 2008

Animal Law Double-Dose

Animal Law will decamp from our Near West Side cluster, to Hyde Park, for a busy weekend at The University of Chicago. On Friday night, we will perform live on WHPK, and we may talk a bit, too. A link is included below, so that you can listen to the live stream, via your computer. On Saturday, we will perform outdoors, in daylight, at the annual Summer Breeze festival. I will have some SPF 50, even though the forecast calls for it to be in the mid-60s and cloudy. Please note that the show starts at Noon, not at 2:00 PM, as originally listed. You will probably be able to go back to sleep after the show, before Saturday night actually rolls around. How nice.

Friday May 16, 2008
Pure Hype / WHPK
88.5 FM
9:00 PM
Animal Law
(live radio show)
Saturday May 17, 2008
University of Chicago
"Summer Breeze"
Eckhart Quad
58th and University
Chicago, Illinois 60637
(Red or Green Line to Garfield, 55 bus to University,
or 6 bus to 57th, west to University, south to 58th;
ample street parking available, or garage parking on
55th and Ellis)
12:00 PM (Noon)
All Ages
Bird Names
Dead Luke
Animal Law
The Smith Westerns



After some artwork tweaking and additional meetings with Rococo Records, the BLOODYMINDED "PHASES : THREE" vinyl set is finally about to go into production. We are really excited to finally see this project through! As "Within The Walls" is moving slower than we had hoped [this may serve as an official announcement that we have blown our hoped-for June 6th release date], we will now happily announce that there will be a "PHASES : FOUR" 12-inch released by Land O'Smiles, as part of their Black Lodge Series

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two New Show Threads

Two new shows have been announced:

Saturday June 21, 2008
at Enemy
Karlheinz (Boston, MA), Silvum (Fairfax, VA), Sharpwaist (Boston, MA), Stillbirth (Boston, MA; member of Craniopagus) , Mark Solotroff (of BLOODYMINDED)

Saturday June 28, 2008 at Enemy
New Pledgemaster (Ypsilanti, MI), Evenings (Kalamazoo, MI), Jason Soliday + Mark Solotroff, Winters In Osaka, Quetzalcoatl (Ashville, NC)

Notes from Shipping & Receiving

- Thanks again to those who got in contact about the Atrax Morgue single. There are just a couple left..

- Big Post Office run today. Getting most of the Slogun CDs out the door very quickly. Expect availability, soon, from the following distro/mail-order points: Apop, Autumn Wind Productions, Cold Spring, Loki,
Midheaven/Revolver, Neds, Second Layer, with more to follow...

- Although I am ramping up to have the Sigillum S CD EP and The Fortieth Day "IV" CD available for the big June 7th show, I will try to get distro orders filled before that date

Status - 05/14/08

- I hope to get any outstanding orders with the new Slogun CD packed up today

- I just added a link to the distro section for Autumn Wind Productions

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dwindling 7-inch Stock

There have been several orders over the last few days for the Atrax Morgue "Her Guts" 7-inch... I am down to my last eight (8) copies, as of this morning. If you are interested in grabbing one, please e-mail me first to confirm availability. Last chance on these...

Also, with the new CD out, I am now down to my last 25 copies of the M.O. (Mauthausen Orchestra) "Forbidden Ground" 7-inch


OUT NOW: B!090 Slogun "The Glory Of Murder"

BloodLust! New Release - Out Now:

Artist: Slogun
Title: "The Glory Of Murder"
Format: CD
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 090 / Circle Of Shit 21
Genre: Power-Electronics / Noise / Experimental / Industrial / True Crime Electronics

This is the sixth and final release in the main part of the Slogun "History of Violence" re-issue campaign. "The Glory Of Murder" was originally released on cassette, in April 1998, on the short-lived Italian label, Soffitta Macabra, which was co-run by Marco "Depla" Deplano [Wertham, Foresta Di Ferro, etc.] and Pino; The hand-numbered edition of 100 copies has long been a rarity; This cassette was a major entry in the evolving world of true crime subject matter, which Slogun was already immersed in, and it was also the last cassette released by Slogun prior to a notable switch-over to the compact disc medium; Like the first five re-issue CDs in the set, the audio for this re-mastered version was expertly prepared in Lille, France, by Jerome Nougaillon, while John Balistreri's bold graphic design follows the standard that he created for the ongoing series. This CD is packaged in a jewel box with a four-panel color and black and white booklet; True Crime Electronics - FTW.

Track Listing:
1. “Cross Their Hearts”
2. “I Divide”
3. “In My Mind's Eye”
4. “The Sex Beast”
5. “All Hail!”
6. “B.T.K.”
7. “Signature Killer”
8. “Mark Of Cain”
9. “The Horrors In The Museum”
10. “Focus Is: Focus Does”
11. “Dehumanization”
12. “Beyond Death”
13. “You Belong To Me”


Price: $14.00 USA/$16.00 Canada+Mexico/$18.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
(Wholesale rates are available to distributors, mail-order services, and record stores; Please inquire)
Please use for PayPal payments


Also available in the series:
BloodLust! 080 / Circle of Shit 19 - Slogun "Days Of Agony" CD
BloodLust! 069 / Circle of Shit 17 - Slogun "Hunting Humans" CD
BloodLust! 064 / Circle of Shit 14 - Slogun "A Breed Apart"/"The Die Song" CD
BloodLust! 062 / Circle of Shit 13 - Slogun "Will To Kill" CD
BloodLust! 059 / Circle of Shit 12 - Slogun "Sacrifice Unto Me" CD

Monday, May 12, 2008

Destroyed Ears

Animal Law practice has seriously laid waste to my ears. Christ. Well, we seem all set for the U of C double-header this weekend. Oh, and the Saturday concert starts at 12:00 Noon, not at 2:00 PM, as was listed in the monthly update. We should be streaming live, on Friday, by the way...

Status - 05/12/08

- Super Eight Loop day... recording + mixing in progress

- Packing orders... I hope to have all Slogun distro orders and pre-orders taken care of quickly, along with the weekend's eBay sales

- Of note -- The City of Chicago appears to be cracking down on unlicensed venues and uninsured promoters. AV-aerie was issued a severe citation over the weekend. The following link has much more information on legislation that is being pushed through, etc. This will, no doubt, severely impact noise shows in the city: