Friday, June 13, 2008

Intrinsic Action "Dazed" on eBay

Someone in France has a copy of the first Intrinsic Action 7-inch - "Dazed" - up on eBay

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Animal Law date change

Our June 27th show at Ronny's (that was originally booked on the 26th at AV-aerie) has changed again, for the better:


July 5, 2008 // 6:00 PM // Cost: TBA

2101 N. California Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60647
(Between Dickens Ave. and Point St.)


Plague Bringer

Animal Law

Big Knife


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Repost, for Xavier:

TIMELESS "Madness Becomes Method"


A new definition of degenerated art melting the old and the new including vicious and sensual monsters, unusual and very cruel fetishes, strange bloodsports, beautifully bored youth, new (a)moralities, forbidden games ...

Current Edition of 300 copies :

16 x 24 cm - 150 pages whole printed in colors and glossy paper – soft cover

Unseen elsewhere art by :

Romain Slocombe, Trevor Brown, Keit Ota, Tampopo, Motomichi, Seven Bastards, Daisuke Ichiba, Beatrice Cussol, Mijn Schatje, Elles Sont de Sortie, Kiki Picasso, Loulou Picasso, T5dur, Pyon, Stu Mead, Cameron Jamie, Blanquet, Gilles Berquet, Mirka Lugosi, Guy Lemaire, Antoine Bernhart, Julien Carreyn, Jonas, Jankowsky, Fredox, Jean Pierre Le Boul'ch, Gea, Otto, Pakito Bolino, Tisbor (Splinter vs Stalin), Keith Brewer (Taint), Michael Williams (Eyehategod), Intrinsic Action, Philip Best (Whitehouse/Consumer Electonics), Bruce Benderson, Peter Christopherson (Soisong/PTV/Coil/Throbbing Gristle), Jordi Valls (Vagina Dentata Organ), Gaspar Noe, Elzo, Angelo aka Joseph Farrel, Martin of Holland.

Interview + Text by :

Dennis Cooper, Romain Slocombe, Michael Williams (Eyehategod), Philip Best (Whitehouse/Consumer Electonics), Jordi Valls (Vagina Dentata Organ).

Special Edition Boxset of 50 copies :

16 x 24 cm - 150 pages + 10 more not included in the current edition. Whole printed in colors and glossy paper – special binding + hard cover.

+ 4 exclusive artworks signed by the artists and numbered from :

1 original photographic artwork from Peter Christopherson printed on professional paper (21x30 cm),

1 original photographic artwork from Romain Slocombe printed on professional paper (21x30 cm),

1 artwork print by Trevor Brown (21x30 cm),

1 artwork print by Stu Mead (21x30 cm).

Price including postage :

Current edition :

France : 33 euros

Europe : 35 euros

Rest of the World : 37 euros

Special Edition Boxset of 50 :

France : 157 euros

Europe : 162 euros

Rest of The World : 168 euros

Wholesale price start at 5 copies.

Payment by paypal ( ) or cash (ask for address).

Status - 06/11

I am back on track after a brief hiatus due to shows, out-of-town guests, etc. As of this afternoon, all paid orders (mail-order, Discogs, and eBay) - including initial orders for The Fortieth Day LP - have been mailed out. I apologize for the brief delay that some people might have experienced over the last week.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BLOODYMINDED "PHASES : FOUR" live video clip

Here is a live video from last Friday's show. We are performing a version of "PHASES : FOUR" -- which will be on our 12-inch on Land o'Smiles. Thanks to Blake Edwards for shooting it and uploading it to a server!

A Sign

Scanner up on eBay

I just posted my Radio Shack Pro-2035 1000-Channel programmable scanner on eBay. I used this device on solo recordings in the 1990s, as an alternative to synths, etc. Isidro and I also used it in a couple The Fortieth Day recording sessions:

The Fortieth Day "Syria 638: AD" LP

Information on the new The Fortieth Day "Syria 638: AD" LP - which was unveiled at our show on Saturday - is available on Discogs. Thanks to Kyle at Diophantine Discs for doing such a nice job with the packaging!
I have copies available for sale: $20.00 USA/$22.00 Canada+Mexico/$26.00 Rest of World @ postpaid. LPs will be carefully packed in cardboard mailers. Please PayPal to:

Monday, June 09, 2008

Status - 06/09

Just back from dropping Pieter off at the airport. This is a quick post to say that I will start catching up with everything (mail-order/eBay, weblog posts, e-mail, etc.) this afternoon, now that all of the out-of-town friends are gone. What a weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out to support both shows. Thursday through today went by in an amazing blur. Time to pick up the pieces and to figure it all out...