Friday, June 20, 2008

Status - 06/20

Another big batch of packages just went out... mail-order, Discogs, eBay, distro... Again, thanks to those who have been patient. It was my first trip to Post Office since last Friday, due to a new business project, but now I am caught up with all paid orders. The next three to four weeks will be busy due to work and work-travel (for a change!), so I am guessing mail runs will only occur once a week.


Tomorrow Night

From Time Out Chicago:


Karlheinz + Silvum + Sharpwaist + Stillbirth + Mark Solotroff

1550 N Milwaukee Ave (between Honore St and North Ave)
Bucktown/Wicker Park, Chicago

El: Blue to Damen. Bus: 50, 56, 72

Tickets: $6 donation

Description: Boston noise artists Karlheinz, Sharpwaist and Stillbirth round out an evening of experimental electronics, with plenty of screaming and feedback promised on behalf of opener Mark Solotroff of Bloodyminded.

A few non-BloodLust! titles that will be going in the next catalog. Limited stock is on hand for most, so I would suggest sending an e-mail, first, to confirm availability. Thanks!
Diophantine Discs (n = 18)
The Fortieth Day "Syria: 638 AD" LP
$20.00 USA/$22.00Canada+Mexico/$26.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
(Over the past two years The Fortieth Day has released
numerous cassette releases and Diophantine Discs is
proud to issue their first LP. "Syria: 630 AD" consists
of two 17+ minute compositions of extremely dense,
powerful, and brooding tracks tracks, with some absolutely
monstrous bass. Comprised of Mark Solotroff [
Intrinsic Action, and the BloodLust! label] and Isidro Reyes
[BLOODYMINDED], Chicago's The Fortieth Day creates a
unique music that is dense and murky, lurking somewhere
between the realms of noise, industrial, and ambient.
Various recording sessions are processed, re-processed,
and mixed together to create the final studio recordings.
Live shows also incorporate live real-time video projections
by Noise Crush. Previous works include a collaborative
cassette with Sshe Retina Stimulants and releases on
BloodLust!, ORCO, and Cipher. Pressed on white vinyl and
housed in a silver-printed and laser-cut [die-cut] sleeve.
Limited to 300 copies.)

[Features Mark Solotroff - solo]
Verba Corrige (VCPV009/VCPV009)
Sigillum S "23|20"
LP: $30.00 USA/$35.00Canada+Mexico/$45.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
CD: $14.00 USA/$16.00 Canada+Mexico/$18.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
(After many years of silence, Sigillum S are back! 23|20
is their long-awaited 20th anniversary album, and what a
treat! The album comes in two versions - either as a deluxe
6-panel digipak or a numbered gatefold double vinyl, with
each format sporting seven exclusive tracks and nine
common tracks [16 tracks per format, 23 in total], together
with completely different sequences. Formed in Milan on
23 December 1985 by Paolo Bandera, Eraldo Bernocchi,
and Luca Di Giorgio. Their unique sound is derived from the
use of a variety of instruments, ranging from samplers to
ethnic instruments, and guitar synths to shortwave generators.
In addition to their extensive musical output, Sigillum S also
works in the areas of visual art and text. 23|20 also features
audio contributions by Claudio Agostoni, Andrea Marutti,
Mark Solotroff, Karyn and all Crisis members, Ephel
Duath, Raiz, Bill Laswell, Zu, Xabier Iriondo, Lorenzo Esposito
Fornasari, Gudrun Gut, Toshinori Kondo, Thomas Fehlmann,
Professor Shebab, SH Fernando/Wordsound, Martino Nicoletti,
Antonio Denti and many many others)
[Features A Vague Disquiet w/Mark Solotroff]
Wierd Records (VR 004)
"Wierd Compilation Volume II : Analogue Electronic Music
2008" 4 x LP
$50.00 USA/$55.00Canada+Mexico/$65.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
[due to the extreme weight of this item, USA
customers may request Media Mail, at their
own risk, for a lower total price of $43.00]
(Wierd Records is proud to present the "Wierd
Compilation Volume II : Analogue Electronic Music
2008" an international collection of 39 trax by 30
bands producing contemporary music with analogue
synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines. This
release is made up of four vinyl LPs packaged in a
deluxe gatefold sleeve and accompanied by a 32 page
12" x 12" book containing lyrics, band bios, and over
300 photos, many taken from live performances at the
weekly Wierd label party, which has been active in
New York City since 2003. Also included in the booklet
is a statement of purpose for this vast project entitled
'2008 : The Analogue Synthesizer as a Folk Instrument
of Humanist Resistance' that is as ambitious conceptually
as it is musically. For more info/track listing:
[Features A Vague Disquiet w/Mark Solotroff]
Wierd Records (VR 001)
"The Wierd Compilation" 3 x LP + 1 x 7-inch
$50.00 USA/$55.00Canada+Mexico/$65.00 Rest of World @ postpaid
[due to the extreme weight of this item, USA
customers may request Media Mail, at their
own risk, for a lower total price of $43.00]
(Wierd Records in New York City is pleased to present
as its innaugural release the “Wierd Compilation,"
featuring 32 tracks by 15 bands which have performed
live at WIERD - Brooklyn’s premier weekly DJ and live
music party showcasing artists and DJs working within
the post-wave, coldwave, and minimal synth genres of
alternative pop and dance music since 2003. The sound
of this international collection of bands ranges from
uptempo analog synthesizer based electronic dance
music influenced by early minimal synth and industrial
dance to post-wave guitar driven music suggesting the
influence of the European Coldwave and classic British
and American post-punk sounds. The “Wierd Compilation”
is made up of 3 vinyl LPs and a 7” vinyl single packaged
in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, and is accompanied by a 26
page 12” x 12” glossy print book containing over 500
pictures of the bands, and live performances at the WIERD
Party. The Wierd Compilation was Produced by WIERD
Party founder, artist and DJ Pieter Schoolwerth, and
engineered by Marco Corales at Bonus Room Studio
in Atlanta, and will be pressed in a hand-numbered
edition of 1000 copies. For more info/track listing:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Forbidden Ground Nearly Gone

Since the new M.O. "Where Are We Going?" CD was released, a lot of copies of the "Forbidden Ground" private series 7-inch were purchased. I now only have 20 copies left from the edition of 300...

Intrinsic Action Distro Offer

A special wholesale offer was just announced to the distro mailing list. If you did not receive this e-mail, and you wish to learn about the offer, please send me a message. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Fortieth Day "V"

We are waiting for a test copy of the latest The Fortieth Day re-issue CD. If everything stays on schedule, "V" should be released on July 1st, along with the Envenomist "Hidden" re-issue.

Snapshots of The Fortieth Day

I just posted a few photographs from last Saturday's show on my Flickr page... With thanks to Mike Honeycutt from Memphis, Tennessee! Check out Mike's latest (June 15) playlist from his Audio Exotika show on WEVL 89.9 FM.

"Effete" on eBay

A familiar seller? Check here for this ultra-rare cassette with Intrinsic Action, Sigillum S, The Grey Wolves, Slave State, etc.

Monday, June 16, 2008

BLOODYMINDED set list from June 6th

Here is our set list from the 6th. The show lasted about 33 minutes. The intro was about 10 minutes long. It started with field recordings from Mexico City. After about 5 minutes, David Reed (Envenomist/Luasa Raelon) began playing a special synth piece that he created for this show. At about the 10-minute mark, everything kicked in. "PHASES : FOUR" was our first attempt at translating the material that will be on our Land o'Smiles 12-inch to a live setting.

6 JUNE 08

James Moy - Synth, Mix, Vocals
Isidro Reyes - Synth, Vocals
Pieter Schoolwerth - Synth
Mark Solotroff - Vocals, Feedback Device
+ special guest:
David Reed - Synth, Electronics


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Busy weekend, here. I have been reviewing the recordings (audio and video) from last week's shows, which came out well, in general. Family stuff, house guests, the annual O'Banion's reunion party, and I made time to see Christian Death, last night. I enjoyed the show a lot -- and luckily, I know the new album well, because they focused on it, heavily. I believe that the only two really older songs were "This Glass House" and "This is Heresy." It was my first time at Reggie's, which is a pretty good rock club. The stage is nice and big and the PA seemed strong. A bit costly, maybe... Anyhow, I was kind of shocked by how few people showed up. Maybe it was the venue switch, since Bottom Lounge still is not open, maybe it was general bad promotion, or maybe it was the ongoing boycott by Rozz Williams' eternal fans. Regardless, Valor, Maitri, and crew, put on a good, if rushed (by the venue), performance. He is a lifer, that is for sure... My Cold Dead Hand opened... ex-Trouble and Wickerman guys... really good, dark rock... a bit of death rock, a bit of goth, a bit of metal... Looking forward to seeing them again...