Saturday, June 28, 2008

Primavoxx - Gift Givers

Hitoshi Imura of Primavoxx, the Chi Omega Institute label, etc., live at Shinjuku URGA (click image for closer view)

S.P.K. vs. The Rolling Stones

In a very roundabout way, and via an offer that was too good to refuse, a copy of the luxurious S.P.K. box set (including the singles) on Vinyl-on-demand arrived at my p.o. box this week. I am not sure if it is just my mood, the god awful Sinan ripping off Niki S. Lee photocards, or what, but The Rolling Stones album, "Let It Bleed," seems way more interesting at the moment...

Deathpile "Gashbutcher" on eBay

A copy of the rare and long-out-of print second BloodLust! release by Deathpile - "Gashbutcher" = is now up on eBay


I will have a small amount of the Jason Soliday & Mark Solotroff 2xCD released by Whitechapel, available at the show, as the label found some extra copies this week.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Status - 06/26

Just a quick note... I did a big mail-run yesterday, so all paid orders received by about 10:00 AM were shipped out. A few pending PayPal orders are awaiting clearance.

A test copy of The Fortieth Day "V" CD arrived, and it looks and sounds good. Copies will be available via the July update. The new LP on Diophantine Discs should be at Apop and Revolver/Midheaven, for those who may require an alternate mail-order source. I do not yet know of other outlets that the label has placed it at.

July will be relatively quiet, release-wise, but August and September should be action-packed...

The next two to three weeks will be extremely busy for me, due to work and work-related travel, so I imagine that correspondence and posts will slow down a bit.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wierd in Big Takover

The new Wierd compilation was just reviewed in the long-running music publication, The Big Takeover. It was nice to see Angel of Decay and Cadaver in Drag mentioned in the article. Don't those two names work well together?

Monday, June 23, 2008

R.I.P. Donna Klemm

Re-post of David Cotner's message:

06. 08. 1948 – 17. 06. 2008

R. I. P.

Unconvential label, mailorder and publishing outfit
ARTWARE PROD. made her a legend already in her life-time.

Especially in the "noise" and "experimental" music-scene,
but also concerning ART in general.

Via Artware, Donna was such a great supporter of Intrinsic Action, BLOODYMINDED, and the many other releases that I worked on in the late-1980s and early- to mid-1990s.

I was sad to see Artware slip away in the late-1990s and now I am really saddened by this very bad news about her death.

More on Saturday's set at Enemy

I just listened to the MiniDisc from Saturday. Thankfully, it is glitch-free. My performance lasted about 16 minutes, including a very slow build-up. As I announced, I used the lyrics and melody from a new song that Animal Law is working on, called "Hurry, Please." But, overall, I think that I payed more attention to the feedback/frequencies for this set. There seemed to be a pretty good balance of lows and highs, thanks to the subwoofer at Enemy, even if the MiniDisc did not capture it all. As was pointed out to me, there was an interesting (if slightly cringeworthy/obvious) rising sine-wave at the end of set, driven by me reducing the number of microphones being heard, while a feedback loop was still open. Thanks to everyone who came out to support me - and/or the touring artists - especially on a night with so many shows! Overall, I was pleased with the set, and I think that it will be my last solo performance for a while. Jason Soliday, and I, have some details to work out for next Saturday's show, and I think that I will be using more stripped-down gear... probably just four microphones... and no obvious lyrics...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Exploration One" CD on eBay (rare Intrinsic Action)

There is a copy of the long-out-of-print "Exploration One" CD compilation - with exclusive (for now!) Intrinsic Action recordings - currently up on eBay

A quick post about last night's show

Last night was really fun and I was bracing myself for a total washout, due to three other noise/improv shows (at Lampo, Elastic, and Hotti Biscotti), Nachtmystium/Minsk/Yakuza at Reggie's, and the Simply Saucer show. It was great to actually see a decent crowd appear, including a few unfamiliar faces. Luckily, Simply Saucer only played around the corner at Subterranean, so some folks came to Enemy first.

I enjoyed all of the touring sets, immensely. It was great to hang out with the Boston guys, again, after having just been out there in March. Such a barrage of intensity, and who knew that Karlheinz was so smooth on his feet!?! And Silvum has reached a totally new level of good in the year since he toured with BLOODYMINDED. It was nice mixing Nick's more thoughtful, deep and dark sounds into the assault of the three hard and heavy guys... kind of how it worked in April 2007.

I would strongly urge folks in the upcoming cities to get to this show.

(More on the show, to follow...)