Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Like a Frog in Winter"

Re-posted from Hospital Productions:

NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS for the long awaited like a frog in winter compilation! this should be shipping in two weeks. thanks.

i started putting this compilation together in 2004 while residing in providence. at that time the climate of noise was rather hi-fi, technological, and cold. This was the start of noise as entertainment rather than entertaining. personal communication became lost. noise became something clean. something stimulating.

in response i started putting together a list of new bands at the time that i felt represented a more psychological, minimal, dismal, and rejected feeling that to me was one of a fire place having smoldered out after a night of burning.

aside from the sound i wanted to see a return to the fetishistic and erotic attitude of noise... and a negative one at that.... again in response to what i saw as a call for positive noise.

i asked the artists to think about the theme of inevitability. of being unable to escape ones own attractions and being slaves to desire. each one approached this topic differently and sometimes in very contradiction to the theme as you will see. many of these artists have continued on to establish themselves while others have vanished into the ether. however this is the terms upon which this work came forth to offer again a refreshingly negative perspective on this human game we play called life.

participating criminals: in order of incarceration.

a fail association
pedestrian deposit
sewer election
filthy turd
the seven arts
age of enlightenment
mark solotroff
climax denial

compiled on LP and SEVEN INCH set.


order here:

Ten Suicides... Alive

- After a very long delay on my part, I am currently attempting to work on a re-mix of the song "Ten Suicides," from the BLOODYMINDED "Gift Givers" CD, for a Mike Williams (Eyehategod, etc.) 7-inch that will be released by Chrome Peeler Records

- In related news, New England power-electronics artist The Vomit Arsonist has a pummeling cover version of "Ten Suicides" posted on his MySpace page (track six):

Status - 11/13

- I did a big Post Office run yesterday so all paid orders (mail-order, Discogs, distro...) placed since Friday have been sent out

- I have slowly been adding more items to my Discogs list of items for sale. More rarities will be on their way:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008