Thursday, December 11, 2008

Approaching Haptic

Soon, on BloodLust!

B!122 Haptic "Repetition"

Even though they continue trying to poach Noise Crush...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Memory of the Offence

Dominick Fernow was kind enough to quickly send me a box of the new various artists compilation LP + 7-inch "Like A Frog In Winter" (Hospital HOS-138) that I am on. It is a very handsome release with some excellent tracks. My participation was a combination of an ambush and peer pressure but true to Dominick's word, my track ("Untitled" - of course!) came out nicely and does, in fact, document the style of solo performances that I was doing at the time that it was recorded (January 2008) -- including a brief section of Banshees lyrics that I had been using on and off. Sorry... not "Melting."

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Concrete Transition

Up from the underground (Super Eight Loop) and off to the practice space (The Band Without A Name)

NY Eye & Ear

If you are in the NYC vicinity, Pendu Org is hosting the monumental NY Eye & Ear Festival at Vanishing Point in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Pieter Schoolwerth (BLOODYMINDED/Wierd) will be spinning on Saturday night with Jane from Tesco USA. Lots of good live music, too, including Xeno and Oaklander and Led Er Est. Concise details at:

Envenomist at Eat Trash, Shit Money!

And speaking of interviews, here is an insightful new conversation with David Reed that I particularly appreciate as it helps to explain the primary distinctions between Envenomist and Luasa Raelon

Locrian at Plague Haus

Our friend Jeff at Plague Haus just posted an extensive interview with Terence and Andre of Locrian, here

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Recent Rotations Part Two

As opposed to the traditional array of Italian pop CDs and token chocolate surprises, Paolo went full-force into an astounding selection of luxurious Italian chocolates, a selection of which are presented here. Flavor. Texture. Ecstasy...

Recent Rotations

All The Saints "Fire On Corridor X"
Sshe Retina Stimulants "Remote Aktion"
Locrian "Greyfield Shrines"
Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy"
Brainbombs "Fucking Mess"
Swamp Horse "Crippled Witch"
Josh Lay "Serotonin Haze"

Synth Fun

Nice show at Enemy last night:

- Face Worker (Brett [Slave Trade] from Druids of Huge) playing Wierd-worthy analog synth patterns through my old Korg MS-10... nice to see/hear it put to very good use!

- Jenni Graf of Metalux and Harrius playing some odd circuit bent thing -- very synthy -- and guitar -- and singing

- Outer Space - from Cleveland (John from Emeralds - Delina - Ralph H. [!]) on, like, two Korg MS-20s, an MS-10, sequencers, etc. Full-force progressive synth with emerging shoegazer vocals... massive-sounding waves of space dust... Makes up for Emeralds cancelling tonight's Empty Bottle show...

- Tanked - from Cleveland (members of Relentless Corpse, Skin Graft, ex-Jerk, etc.) -- Tough as nails noise rock with the emphasis on noise - and on talcum powder. Enemy never smelled better. Pummeling. Brutal.

- Ratatosk - formerly the jazz duo of Jason Soliday and Ben Billington -- Ben has uped the ante by launching into a side carreer of electronics and mic'ed up metal junk. Who knew? They are still a jazzed-up unit, especially when Ben shifts gears and jumps behind his drum kit. heavily disorienting, electro-acoustic noise burst what-the-fuck style...