Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Night...

It was a great show last night and it was really cool to see a nearly full house in place as Locrian was getting started. Sometimes, those Critics Choice write-ups work. With candles (were they scented or was that incense?!?) and a fog machine setting the stage, the three-piece Locrian got straight to work on delivering an excellent set of heavy, droned-out, ritualistic pieces. Certain key elements of Sunday night's radio session -- which I am listening to right now -- were recognizable, while some new components were added to their repertoire. I am really looking forward to seeing what transpires this weekend in the studio!

Bloodiest filled the stage then filled the room with a more baroque -- or maybe medieval -- take on blackened avant-garde metal and they varied between complex and pretty repetitions and all-out stompers. The last two main songs (I think it was), with more-aggressive vocals from Bruce Lamont, blew me away.

Indian wrapped up the night with a heavy set of bleak doom, with a nod, maybe, to early Unsane or other metal-thinking post hardcore stuff. The bass guitar was returning through the amps as a physical entity, it was so thick, heavy, and low-down.

I was pleased to see so many friends at the show, as it had been a while, with the holidays, and all.

Ritual magick being practiced last night at The Empty Bottle