Monday, January 05, 2009

Super Eight Loop Update

Please note that the following information does not affect orders placed from the BloodLust! January 2009 Update. All new orders should be shipped by tomorrow, January 6th.

As a few people know, I was having some issues with the Super Eight Loop cassette series over the last two months, or so, while I was in the homestretch of wrapping up the project. I initially thought that I was having a problem with one of my cassette decks, but oddly, I could not determine if it was the mastering deck or one of several dubbing decks. It turns out that there were issues with two dubbing decks, but problems persisted after I replaced one of the failing machines. It took until recently, when I was preparing to duplicate and release the new Haptic "Repetition" cassette, that I discovered that I had received a large batch of defective blank media from one of my suppliers. This was a big setback, as numerous Super Eight Loop masters, as well as dubs made from those masters, were faulty. Luckily, I caught everything before any distro or individual orders were shipped. But this meant that I had to re-master several Super Eight Loop titles, which was both frustrating and time consuming. I still need to get caught up with some dubbing, but everything should be back to normal, shortly...