Saturday, February 14, 2009

BloodLust! Interview Series: #25 Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck

A Special Saint Valentine's Day Posting...

Twodeadslut Onegoodfuck (answered by Ted Sweeney and Shane Broderick)

1. What have you been listening to lately?

Ted: In terms of non-traditional music I've been listening to a lot of tape and cut-up music. Women of The SS, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock (and the rest of the Schimpfluch Gruppe), and Vagina Dentata Organ. As always there are the rock music mainstays that never really seem to drift to far from my record player a la Black Sabbath, My Bloody Valentine, Swans, and a lot of other obvious staples.

Shane: Gore Beyond Necropsy.

2. Have you been to any interesting concerts recently?

Ted: I was able to check out an Angeldust performance in my old basement the other night. Those guys are just plain fucking fantastic. And I may be partial on this one, but I cannot forget to mention Methfest.

Shane: Halloween Night in Providence was amazing. Hundreds of people showed up at an Olneyville Warehouse and it was a fucking epic. 20 plus bands played on two or three "stages". I was totally floored by how large the event actually was. A guy with an espresso stand, cage wrestling matches and lots of young wasted R.I.S.D. girls not wearing much. Suffering Bastard played all GG covers. Classic.

3. Can you name a favorite film, or two (or a television program), from the last few months?

Ted: I finally got around to seeing the last episode of "Trailer Park Boys" and I have to say out of all the seasons it may have been my favorite episode ever. I think I heard they're basing their next movie on it. For Christmas I was given the Criterion Collection of "Salo," and have to say that the film can be watched and re-watched ad nauseam.

Shane: "The Real Word Brooklyn" and that new Clint Eastwood movie.

4. Have you read a good book lately?

Ted: I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed Catherine Breillat's “Pornocracy.“ Raging feminist literature but her command of language is just so lush and visceral. I really need to get around to checking out her films. I re-read “Animal Farm” a few days ago and was so happy with how much I still enjoyed it. I also had the biggest letdown of the year reading the 33 1/3 of “Reign in Blood,” which was an absolute letdown.

Shane: Lots of manuals and various recording theory books.

5. Have you attended any recent art shows worth mentioning?

Ted: Absolutely nothing worth mentioning. Boston does have its downfalls.

Shane: Not so much.

6. Do you have any current obsessions of note?

Ted: Playboy Magazine from the first few years of the seventies, pinot grigio with two ice cubes, and the women who brave the vicious Boston winters with the shortest of skirts.

Shane: Building my Recording Studio. Playing Synths. Rubbing on the Red Line girls.

7. Please tell me what recordings, projects (any medium), etc., you are working on right now, if anything

Ted: Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck are wrapping up the finishing touches on Champagne and Biological Women, a seven inch that wouldn't be possible without the help of one of the sexiest men I know. We have also begun writing new material that is in a starkly different direction from our past few releases. Animal Steel has its second release coming up. It is a split with The Hierchiss. Really powerful and luscious music that girl does. There is talk of a book of haiku-collages I've assembled over the years tentatively being released by Heavy Psych this year as well.

Shane: I am starting a little record label tentatively named Lascivious Aesthetics with upcoming cassette releases from Suffering Bastard, Angeldust, Cock E.S.P., Joshua Hydeman, Corephallism and hopefully helping put out the Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck / Warmth 10" Vinyl with my tax returns. I am finishing up the recording of my first solo release as Corephallism which will be coming out soon from our good friends at Apop Records. Maybe I’ll get around to putting together the 2nd Annual Northeast Noise & Power Electronics Festival this summer (hint hint, nudge nudge to all BloodLust! artists).

8. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

Ted: Two chicks at the same time.

Shane: Touring all over the fucking place with these guys and on the solo front. After reading your interview with John Balistreri... I have to add that I am looking forward to watching the Boston Red Sox win the World Series. Along with the Celtics, Bruins and Patriots, all winning Championships.

9. Is there anything else that you would like to mention, announce, or hype?

Ted: I cannot recommend the Destructive Industries catalog enough to anyone who has not had a chance to check it out. It seems like there's a few sleepers on that label (with special attention to Knox Om Pax's “Laudunum”) which I cannot believe don't get the attention they warrant.

Shane: Well I think we already covered the obvious name dropping. Don’t ya’ think??? I would like to give a shout out to Club Cheaters in Providence. Real classy full service joint which I cannot believe doesn’t get the attention they warrant and rightly deserve. Good.