Monday, March 30, 2009

Animal Law... becoming...

Re-post from MySpace:

Hi Folks,

Here is a bit of news on what has been happening post-Animal Law...

In case you have not heard the recordings from our WHPK session from May 16, 2008, the tracks are still up on our page:

In fact, the online zine, Gradations of Morbity just listed these recordings as a staff pick:

For those who have not heard any news from us in a while, 3/5 of Animal Law (Blake Edwards, Dylan Posa, and Mark Solotroff) have been continuing on in a similar direction -- still without a name (but not for long!) -- and with a new bassist (Kenny Rasmussen, ex-No Funeral) and a new guitarist (Greg Ratajczak of Plague Bringer). We have been ensconced in Plague Bringer's practice space, all winter, working on completely new material, and preparing to make our live debut by mid-2009.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news soon...