Friday, March 13, 2009

First carve is the skin

Tindersticks. Last night. Epiphany Episcopal Church. Amazing! What a great setting to see this band in. I can only hope that Throbbing Gristle does the place justice, next month. The crowd was suitably reverant, too. Total silence, aside from footsteps on the wooden floor, as soon as the band began to walk out on stage. Dramatic lighting reached up to the insane ceiling -- Epiphany is a column-free space with a roof supported by massive, exposed timber arch-braced trusses. Full band. Guitars, bass, drums, horns, vibes, keyboard/organ... Full sound. I imagine that a set list from them is a hard one to develop -- especially to satisfy everyone in attendance -- but I was totally pleased. They did lean heavily on "The Hungry Saw" - and that was fine with me, as it has been one of my most-listened-to albums from the past year. Two encores, so maybe an almost two-hour set? My birthday is officially over now (Marlene got these tickets as a present)... it stretched out nicely this year!