Monday, March 02, 2009

Locrian - Again Dead Angel

From: The One True Dead Angel

Locrian -- "Plague Journal / Apocryphal City, Portents Fallen" 7" [Bloodlust!]

Talk about minimalist, this single comes in some of the most nondescript packaging ever -- white vinyl with white labels noting the sides and speed but nothing else, housed in a blank white sleeve and accompanied by a folded insert that provides the only clues to the single's content and origins. The first side, "Plague Journal," is a repetitive slice of twanging, boiling guitar noise and droning feedback upfront and other noises of considerably more mysterious origin fattening up the sound in the background. Toward the end the wailing feedback becomes the primary force of nature as everything else fades into a muted dark-ambient wash before the feedback finally dies away. The flip side, "Apocryphal City, Portents Fallen," opens with hollowed-out cyclotron sound and vague pounding noises, but bell-like tones subject to ping-pong delay soon appear in the mix, even as the harsh drone turns into a swirling, sweeping tornado of sound. The swirling, seething, psychotronic fog that eventually emerges successfully straddles the divide between noise and dark ambient, creating clouds of droning, noise-textured vapor like toxic gas billowing through the streets of a disintegrating city... only to end in a snarling lock-groove that's pretty ominous in its own right. Limited to 300 copies and, like all of the band's output, highly recommended.