Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mutant Jazz

By the way, I saw a really compelling performance by Burning Star Core at The Mopery on Friday night. I am still trying to figure out how to describe it, to be honest. It was unlike any previous BxC/CSY show that I have seen. While the night had a pretty heavy, blown-out jazz/noise undercurrent (especially Wasteland Jazz Unit and Tiger Hatchery), BxC was on a whole other direction, even if their last song had saxophone going on alongside C. Specer Yeh's violin (which only came out late in the set) and Robert Beatty's academic analog synth waves. That said, Shiny Around the Edges were dredging up a dark, Southern dose of NYC noise rock (think Live Skull, Dustdevils, Of Cabbages and Kings, Swans, etc.), and Anthony Decanini was using his magnetic card reader machines to produce staticy, trance-inducing noise loops. Best wishes to Robert's tooth, which was partially destroyed in the WJU pit. More here: