Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Show Recap

April 28, 2009
The Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL

Heber Burguete - Synth
James Moy - Live Mix + Synth + Vocals
Isidro Reyes - Synth + Vocals
Mark Solotroff - Vocals + Noise

4. UNTITLED (with Blake Edwards on metal)

Back from a late-in-the day breakfast of huevos con carne asada with James. Feeling the long, late night, but we are all really pleased with how things turned out last night. The long layoff from BLOODYMINDED shows made for interesting planning for last night, and the idea of only doing songs from the upcoming album totally felt like an appealing thing to do. Aside from two songs (1 + 7) that we have been doing for some time now, people were generally unfamiliar with everything else. Watching people's faces was amusing, to say the least. Without a "greatest hits" type of set to go along with, the folks who know us well really appeared to be paying attention to what was happening... and not just that there were new songs... but that we only played seven songs in the amount of time that we might normally speed through twice that, or more. It felt great to let each song unfold over four minutes, or so. That makes them sound like marathons... but for us... We got two very different recordings of the roughly 30 minute set. A MiniDisc from onstage and a Digital (Zoom) recording from back by the soundbooth. The room recording really demonstrates the full range of frequencies, including some nice, deep bass. While it seemed "loud enough" on stage, we heard from numerous people that it was one of, if not the, loudest BLOODYMINDED show(s), ever. That was sort of surprising. But James did an amazing job of varying the mix throughout the set so that different microphones and the three differently "tuned" synths had a chance to rise and fall in the mix. For the middle section, which is still untitled, Blake Edwards (Anatomy of Habit, Vertonen, ex-Animal Law) played -- well, scraped away at -- amplified metals -- recordings of which have been included in the version on the new album. The sound that he generated was totally SPOT ON. I was thrilled. People definitely seemed stunned by that song... and for the record, there were NO BEATS! There was, however, a deep pulsing synth pattern and James was playing a very primitive type of melody. Regardless, from what we heard, people were thrown of by the sound but the comments were extremely favorable. Overall, we had a great night. It was great to play with David, Doug, and Frank, as well as Tony and Keiji. Our thanks to those guys, as well as to Regina at Front Porch Productions, for including is in such a great, well-attended night. Thanks to everyone at the Empty Bottle, for the awesome hospitality, as always. A special mention regarding Allison's excellent before, during, and after music selections. Cindytalk, Zos Kia, etc. Great! Thanks to Wes and Ricardo, for videotaping the show. Thanks to all of the guys who came down from Milwaukee... amazing support! And thanks to all of our friends who made it out after such a long, busy weekend, to see us.