Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Status - 4/28

- As I managed to find a bit of free time and I felt like eating a slice of pizza, I mailed out several more mail-order/Discogs packages today. All paid orders are in the mail and up-to-date

- I started to make my way through the highly anticipated (not just by me) 6 x LP Michigan box set (Hanson/RRR) earlier today. Sadly, my turntable started making a strange noise when I put on the Redrot side (how appropriate), then it completely died as I tried to start the Aaron Dilloway side. Figures... I guess that the next nine sides will have to wait for a repair or a replacement

- Along with T-shirts and core BLOODYMINDED/Intrinsic Action/The Fortieth Day/solo releases, I will be bringing the final handful of Redrot singles, as well as the new TDS OGF 7-inch, to the show tonight

- Heading out...