Sunday, May 03, 2009

Agenda 5/3

Klay Oven (River West) for Indian buffet
- The creamy coconut sauce that goes on the dosai was a treat...

Art Chicago/NEXT at the Merchandise Mart
- It was a bit lacking in excitement for me this year but it was nice to see Terence Hannum's work there, again, especially a painting of a certain Mr. Best hanging up at his gallery!

I am giving a lot of airtime to this new Manic Street Preachers album, "Journal For Plague Lovers." Aside from the title, which should be obvious that it would appeal to me -- and from bringing Jenny Saville's art back into the fold -- there is a somewhat uncomfortable step backwards to a heavier-sounding point in time. While I have been left intrigued but sort of increasingly "blah" by the three albums post-"This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours," I definitely need to digest Richey Edwards' "ghostly" input a bit more, the idea of which simultaneously excites and repulses me...