Thursday, May 21, 2009

Liz Wendelbo Screening - 5/23

Re-post from Miss Liz... if I could, I would:

Dear Friends,

This Saturday, you are invited to join me for the solo premiere of my latest films, at Anthology Film Archives - 7.30pm.

A brand new 16mm copy will be projected, with an original soundtrack by Sean McBride (Martial Canterel / Xeno & Oaklander).

A bientot, Liz

‘Opticks I – XIV’
2008, 3 minutes x 14, 16mm, color and bw, sound. Editing by Taylor Thompson; music by Sean McBride (Martial Canterel / Xeno & Oaklander); performances by Brandi Hudson, Elissa Santiago.

Born in the dark era that is the new millennium in New York, the ‘cold cinema’ of Liz Wendelbo is a return to analogue film. Originating from the NY Minimal Electronics music scene (Xeno & Oaklander), Liz Wendelbo engages in a form of filmmaking that predicates resistance to cinema as a virtual medium. Her latest work is a series of short three-minute films entitled ‘Opticks’. Her films explore themes of darkness, rituals, Goth iconography and film as a medium, with melancholy and restraint. With a fondness for obsolete technology, she uses 16mm and double 8 as her shooting medium of choice, in color and black and white.
‘Opticks’ is structured in a modular way: the short films are numbered one through fourteen and are interchangeable. Three sections surface overall – the abstract optical experiments of the ‘Maxwell Tartan Ribbon’ series (A 19th century Scottish physicist, Maxwell ‘projected’ the first color photograph using Newton’s color theory in 1861 – the image was a tartan ribbon); the dance and movement based Goth ‘Rituals’ series; and the ‘film-as-historical document’ framework of World War II, industrial and personal found footage of the ‘Excavation’ and ‘Columns’ series.

Total running time: ca. 50 minutes

- Saturday, May 23rd at 7:30.
32 2nd Avenue (at 2nd Street)
New York NY
Tel: 212 505 5181
F & V Trains to 2nd Avenue