Saturday, May 30, 2009


Holy fuck! After missing the NYC show in January because it was long sold out, James and I went to see Amebix, last night, with Victims, .NEMA, and Tierra de Nadie, at Reggie's. From start to finish it was a pretty blistering show -- with a good mix of related styles in the line-up. Seeing .NEMA for the first time was really a treat, especially with Ryan Redrot sitting in on bass for them. They were pretty immense sounding. It was great to get to hang out with Ryan at the show, and I think that we clinked cans in "cheers" at least once during every single Amebix song -- they were that amazing! They opened with "Winter" and just bulldozed the jam-packed crowd of crusties. They were ultra-nice guys to talk with, too! It was fun to see a bunch of different friends there and it was especially cool to catch up for a bit with Mr. Mayorga. It is hard to imagine a show that is going to be able to top seeing Amebix, this year... As it was for Killing Joke, last October. Visiting Isidro at work at Sound-bar afterwards? Well, that was a rather odd way to follow a brutal punk show...

Edit: Well, I cannot discount the excellent Tindersticks show from March... just such a different type of concert... Maybe there will have to be a division between softer and harder shows?