Saturday, June 20, 2009

Acid Marshmallow Posts BLOODMINDED at Matchitehew

Matt from the Acid Marshmallow video blog has been posting extended video clips from the Matchitehew Assembly for the past week. You should try to check them all out at:

He put up a rather long BLOODYMINDED clip today (nearly half of our performance, it seems -- he added a long Marblebog clip, too), which has an appealingly weird, shadowy, grainy, magenta hue about it. I should also mention that Wes Tank, the filmmaker from Milwaukee who is working on a BLOODYMINDED documentary of sorts, shot the show in hi-def. We shall see where that goes. Keep a close eye, just before the 9-minute mark, as James is shrieking the lyrics to "Outside The Gate," you can just barely see me tumble backwards off of some speakers...
Thanks to Matt!

bloodyminded at matchitehew assembly (chicago) june 5th, 2009 from acid marshmallow on Vimeo.