Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aquarius on The Golden Sores

THE GOLDEN SORES "A Peaceable Kingdom"
Record number two from these Midwestern dronelords, with some loose connection to black ambient soundscapers Locrian, even if it doesn't go much beyond playing together and living in the same city. That said, if you dug the Locrian record from a few lists back, odds are you'll dig this to.
There's no black metal woven into the Golden Sores' sound, instead they offer up more of a spaced out krautdrone, ethereral, ephemeral, but somehow still dense and thick and HEAVY. Not sure what the instrumentation is, we'd like to think there are some guitars in there, but it hardly matters, it's what comes out of the speakers that matters, not what goes onto the tape. And what is coming out of our speakers right now is some gloriously heavy, throbbing, pulsating buzzing psychedelic dronemusick. The first track is just some totally divine spaced out new age kosmiche drone, the second is a wall of crumbling blown out distorted buzz, like taking the primordial ooze of Earth or Sunn, and hurling it into the heart of a dying star. The tracks shift after that from deep cavernous rumbles, to billowing clouds of blackened shimmer, to muted snarling buzzscapes, to glimmering outer space druggy drifts, and finally, to a gorgeously sprawling expanse of low end throb, crank the bass on your stereo and you'll have things vibrating right off your shelves, a sound so phsyical, after it's over, merely hearing music without actually feeling it, barely seems like enough.
Definitive deep drone listening for sure, recommended for those of you who gravitate toward the heavier, spacier side of the low end spectrum, as previously explored by the likes of Expo 70, Locrian, Vulture Club, Fear Falls Burning, RST, To Blacken The Pages, Karl Bosmann, Pussygutt and the like.