Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Golden Sores Reviewed

From A Future In Noise

Friday, June 12, 2009

Independent Music Discoveries, Issue #12

Another line-up of independent artists who are putting out brilliant music; this may very well be one of our best Independent Music Discoveries series posts yet. As per-usual, recommend your favourite indie artists in the comments!

The Golden Sores - Drone / Experimental / Noise - Illinois, USA
Every once and awhile, music arrives in my inbox (and in the case of the Golden Sores, in my mailbox, too!) that is exactly the kind of music I'm questing after. After becoming immersed in Natural Snow Buildings, I was recently investigating the music of La Monte Young and the Theatre of Eternal Music, and here come the Golden Sores, a duo comprised of Steve Fors and Chris Miller, who "utilizing a combination of electric and lap steel guitar, salvaged thrift store keyboards, pedals (both broken and boutique), obscure analogue synthesizers, and other obsolete noise-making esoterica...have forged deep into the realms of drone". Indeed- this is the very science of what drone is at work, the 'quintessence'. The six tracks of A Peaceable Kingdom (streamable in part on and and Virb) may all be upwards of 5 minutes, though time just slips on by without notice throughout, from glittering surrealism ("Double Gyres"), what it might sound like if Wooden Shjips and Sun O))) collaborated on an instrumental track ("The Awful Rowing Toward God"), to channeling some nearly-spiritual energy ("We'll Wield Fire" and "Ondine")- very, very much recommended (see also BloodLust! album/ordering information for the Golden Sores)! Their previous release Ashdod to Ekron is available for free download in full on (have a listen to "Arphaxad").

(And it was nice to see this followed by a review of Wierd family associate Tamaryn!)