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PRE-ORDERS: B!127 Locrian "Drenched Lands" LP

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Artist: Locrian
Title: "Drenched Lands"
Format: LP (clear vinyl) + 3-inch CD in letter-pressed sleeve
Edition Size: 200 Copies
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 127
Genre: Drone / Experimental / Noise / Black Metal

B!127 Locrian "Drenched Lands" LP (Front Cover Scan)
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BloodLust! is extremely pleased to release the deluxe vinyl edition of “Drenched Lands,” the new Locrian album, which is the band’s first studio-recorded full-length. “Drenched Lands” finds Locrian effortlessly synthesizing music styles, all the while shrugging off easy genre descriptions, as they create an album that combines drone, black metal, and noise elements to portray qualities of beauty, sadness, radiance, and horror. Following the already acclaimed compact disc version that was recently co-released by At War With False Noise (Scotland) and Small Doses (USA), BloodLust! and Locrian worked closely together to conceive this handsome new record. Pressed in an edition of only 200 copies in clear vinyl, this record is housed in a handsome letter-pressed two-fold sleeve, printed at Chicago’s Dexterity Press. The inner flap of the sleeve holds a bonus 3-inch compact disc that contains music that will remain exclusive to this edition. LP recording and mixing were completed by Steve Beyerink at Phantom Manor, Chicago, while mastering and cutting duties were executed by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service. The 3-inch CD was recorded by Philip von Zweck in January 2009, at WLUW 88.7 FM, on the Something Else broadcast, and it was mastered by Jason Soliday at Enemy, Chicago. For this live radio session, Locrian were joined by Andrew Sherer (Velnias) and Mark Solotroff (BLOODYMINDED, Anatomy of Habit).


LP Tracklisting:
A1: "Obsolete Elegy in Effluvia and Dross" (2:09)
A2: "Ghost Repeater" (10:36)
A3: "Barren Temple Obscured by Contaminated Fogs" (6:11)
B1: "Epicedium" (8:30)
B2: "Obsolete Elegy in Cast Concrete" (6:50)

CD Tracklisting:
1. “Sullage” (18:43)


Praise for the “Drenched Lands” compact disc:

“[T]his is exactly what we've been hankering for. A sprawling blackened songsuite, equal parts, dark ambience, dense drones, heavy electronics, buzzy lo-fi almost new wave sounding keyboards, spidery post rock guitars and soft noise…Locrian take that sound someplace all their own…” -- Aquarius Records

“Locrian forgoes spitting on the baseboards for something a little more cogitative. Drenched Lands moves vertically, avoiding the aberrant inclinations that can come out of too much feedback and not enough melodic foresight…It’s something far more cohesive than the post-processed minimalism that’s becoming increasingly customary…The record’s ultimately absorbing and Locrian is able to effectively evaluate new boundaries for the genre, doing so without staring at their own shoes.” -- Alan Jones, Bagatellen

“At the tipping point between wintery post rock and treachery-fuelled drone is where Drenched Lands does its best work…[A]fter being dragged through the depths of this album, everyday life ends up looking like a lavatory full of fool’s gold. The sun won’t come up tomorrow.” -- Scott McKeating, Rock-a-Rolla

“Almost disturbingly prolific…Drenched Lands, for all its metal look and presentation, is one of the more subtle releases I have yet to hear.” -- Creaig Dunton, Brainwashed

“Someone once wrote of Nadja that they were like doom-metals’ awkward, poetry writing cousin. The same too is true of Locrian only they are clearly more influenced by Aleister Crowley and have a penchant for flirting with the occult, given the blackened vocals, darker electronics and harrowing atmospheres within their loop driven gloom… The variety in this album is excellent especially given that it is mainly guitar/synth drone which can, without innovation be a limiting genre… Drenched Lands’ is an interesting record in many ways…given the chance - it will engross you in a sea of awesome drones and harrowing blackness. -- Chris Naughton, Gradations of Morbidity


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