Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday Show Recap

Well, we could not have asked for much more, last night, as the show went exceedingly well! On every level, from the bands/artists that played -- to the hospitality at the Empty Bottle -- to the overwhelming support from our friends and families.

Pharmakon kicked off the night in vicious style... Margaret started off with a brooding sound, playing the keyboard part to "Locusts and Honeyblood" -- which has a death-industrial, or dare I say, nearly a minimal synth feel -- and more restrained vocals -- before unleashing the most jaw dropping and blood-curdling scream that sent a shockwave through the venue. She followed with the even rougher "Xia Xinfeng" -- and in just over ten minutes, she demolished the place and made a lot of new fans... and completely satisfied those who specifically got there early to see/hear her. Brilliant!

The Human Quena Orchestra brought the most devastating low-end with them... effortlessly combining aspects of doom-laden crusty-punk (Amebix, Winter), industrial-metal (think Godflesh with zero pop-pretensions, early Swans, France's underrated/unknown Slushy), death-industrial, and noise. I have become very familiar with their two albums and finally seeing it done live (I missed their last Chicago show) really hammered it home. A crusher!

We (Anatomy of Habit) were up next and things seemed to go by in a flash. We played two (rather long) songs ("Overcome" and "Torch") and it was indeed strange to perform them and hear them out of the confines of our small practice space. I could not be happier with how the set went, and with the amazing response that we got during and after our show. The most kind and positive telephone calls, e-mails, and text messages have been flowing in since late last night. Thank you so much to everyone who patiently waited for this night... and who showed up to support. What a killer crowd! We will be back at The Empty Bottle on Saturday August 15th...

Locrian was like a band possessed... and having just been out on the road for nearly two weeks clearly added to their increasing array of strengths. No one out there sounds like them -- and last night they clearly reached a new peak in their still-young lifetime as a band -- It is gratifying to be even a little part of their world. Or, let's say, their other-worldliness... Thanks again to Andre and Terence for asking us to be a part of the night --- even after we could not justify doing the entire tour with them. And thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the release of the "Drenched Lands" LP.

-- Blake has started posting a few photos and even a video clip of Pharmakon...

We didn't leave the venue until forever, and after a quick stop to drop off our gear, I met the Milwaukee crew (major thanks to James, Alex, and Ryan, for driving down) and Margaret at Continental, for a nightcap. A late night tea party followed. Today, it was a slow start, then off to Kuma's with my brother and Isidro, for a leisurely lunch on the back patio. Baroness = delicious... the chimichurri sauce was a winner!

Margaret should be back in New York by now and after a quick Post Office run (all paid orders are in the mail) I am off to practice... No rest...