Saturday, July 11, 2009

Show Recap (7/10)

Cadaver In Drag - 07-10-09 - 01
(Cadaver In Drag)

Anal Hearse - 07-10-09 - 01
(Anal Hearse)

Neil Jendon - 07-10-09 - 01
(Neil Jendon)

The Golden Sores - 07-10-09 - 01
(The Golden Sores)

BlackBerry photos shot in dark rooms suck, and so do poorly attended shows, but once Chris and Steve got started, my mind was taken off the fact that hardly anyone came out to support such a stellar line up. The Golden Sores were indeed ecstatic, moving from drone to shoegazer to heaviness, so entirely seamlessly. For a brief period in the mid-1990s, I paid attention to Seefeel, and I heard moments of that sort of atmospheric beauty (thinking of things on the "Pure, Impure" EP, for example). Neil came right on and kept my mind tuned to a sort of mid-1990s minimal IDM (Artificial Intelligence things on Warp Records) as he lulled the crowd with a slow, fat, farting modular synth pulse, building steam, brandishing a microphone, generating monitor feedback, and shocking with a vocal style that made me think of the "chatterhead" Cenobite in "Hellraiser." My first Anal Hearse set (which is pretty ridiculous) was a total mindfuck of that netherworld between death-industrial and power-electronics... of the darkest variety. Analog synth, vocals, porn (Traci Lords)/depression loops... and the most surprising sequence of pummeling beats! Cheers to that amazing subwoofer! Cadaver in Drag mixed it up between their newer less-doom-more-psychedelic-meets-SST style -- which is dark and unpleasant in a whole other way -- and Moog and organ passages that were so dense and thick that you would need a machete to cut through them. Thanks to The Viaduct, for hosting. Thanks to Ben, for setting it up. Thanks to Kenny for the live sound mastery. Thanks to those few who did did show up and support. Great space. Whopper of a PA. We'll be back...