Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Status - 7/1

- All of the paid pre-orders for Super Eight Loop T-shirts were indeed mailed out last night. We are okay on larges and extra-larges, but the smalls and mediums went quickly and we only have one of each left right now. As with all of the shirts, we will try to keep a full range of sizes in-stock, as best as we can, based upon demand, etc. There may not be a new BloodLust! shirt in August, as funds are really tied up with the Locrian LP and upcoming Nightmares releases, etc., but Anatomy of Habit will have shirts ready in time for our debut show on July 13:

Anatomy of Habit - T-shirt mock-up
(click image to enlarge)

- LATE BREAKING NEWS: UPS just dropped off the Locrian vinyl, roughly two weeks earlier than expected. Hooray for United Record Pressing! Paid orders will start getting mailed out tomorrow. The best news is that the band will have LPs to take with them on their tour, which starts tomorrow:

July 2nd - Frankie's Basement / Toldeo, OH w/ Hive Mind & Jason Zeh
July 3rd - STALAG IX / Lucky Cheng's Fortune Cookie Cabaret / NYC, NY w/ Sleep Museum, Lussuria & Shallow Waters
July 5th - Show No Mercy Presents / Public Assembly / Brooklyn, NY w/ Anal Cunt, Fuck the Facts, Gwynbleidd & Copremesis
July 6th - Velvet Lounge / Washington, DC w/ Teething Veils, Our Brother the Native, Kohoutek & Religious Girls
July 7th - Nara Sushi / Richmond, VA w/ Wrnlrd, Head Molt & Twilight Memories of the Three Suns
July 8th - Talking Head Club / Baltimore, MD w/ The New Flesh & Nocnitsa
July 9th - The Khyber / Philadelphia, PA w/ Woe, T.O.M.B. & Panther Modern
July 10th - Garfield Artworks / Pittsburgh, PA w/ Requiem, D.O.T.S. & Casual Approach
July 11th - Skylab / Columbus, OH w/ The Human Quena Orchestra & Day Creeper
July 12th - Dayton Dirt Colelctive / Dayton, OH w/ The Human Quena Orchestra, Envenomist, Teeth Collection + John Moloney
July 13th - The Empty Bottle / Chicago, IL w/ The Human Quena Orchestra, Anatomy of Habit & Pharmakon

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