Monday, August 17, 2009

AoH Photos + Halflings Video

Saturday's show was excellent. The AoH set went extremely smoothly and we got a very solid recording on MiniDisc. Halflings were top-level entertainment. While it was clear that there is a connection to Yellow Tears, this was a distinctive performance more towards the full-on power-electronics palette, with a really appealing minimal synth aftertaste. They could be paired up on a bill with a band like Opus Finis and it would not seem unusual. They sounded fantastic and they put on an excellent show (see video below), and they are not to be missed on this tour. And again, their new LP - "Self Esteem" - is highly recommended. Silk Flowers followed and kept the thread of synth lines from Halflings and the deep vocals of AoH, and to paraphrase something that Peter from S.F. said, there was a consistent anxiety-ridden mood felt throughout the night. Whatever the hell Avi had "connected to" his mic stand was amazing, as it functioned as some sort of metallic rattle/plate reverb device that he manipulated to great effect. The noisy passages between songs only further added to the sense of cross-pollination going on all night. Thanks to all of our friends who came out to support the show! After an equipment load-out and drop-off at the space, Jeremy, Ryan, and I stopped by a gathering at the Sad Sparrow, no the Hungry Rooster, no the Blind Robin, where a bunch of folks who had been at the show were celebrating a friend's birthday. Then it was off to The Mopery to catch some of the show there, including Peaking Lights, Ga'an, and Work, a new group with Sarah B. from 16 Bitch Pile Up. It was hot and humid in the space but the ice-cold 51-ounce plastic (!) bottle of Baltika #9 Extra (Strong) helped a bit... early on, at least. After a good night's sleep and a trip to Pozoleria San Juan for lunch, the boys were off to Milwaukee to do some damage there...

Photos and video courtesy of Blake (with thanks to Chris Sienko, for snapping away):

Halflings live video: