Monday, August 24, 2009

Nightmares on Apopaganda


I'm really excited about the Nightmares show at Apop on the 26th. It would sound a bit pretentious to call Nightmares a "super-group", but in the world of PE/Noise, it's pretty close. The leather clad gentleman behind Bloodlust!, Intrinsic Action, and Bloodyminded brings his 20 something years of terrorist experience to this project. Jonathan Canady's expertise in dark frightening sounds is no less impressive, just see Deathpile, Angel of Decay or Dead World. He also contributes aesthetically as his artwork graces the cover of the very first 7". If you came to Apop last year to see Mark Solotroff's solo project, then you were also punished by Envenomist. His pedigree may not extend into the past few decades, but his cold industrial works would not be out of place peered with MB. Perhaps you might have caught his tracks on the second Wierd Compilation LP set?--it's a must have, you know.