Monday, August 03, 2009

Status - 8/3

- Sorry for the radio silence. Pieter was in town, so the last four days have been a bit of a whirlwind. Highlights included an Art Institute visit, Tio Luis insanity with Isidro, BLOODYMINDED c.1996 reunion at Continental, Zoroaster at The Empty Bottle (amazing, again!), the Devourment August special at Kuma's Corner... canceled flights and an extra night... guacamole madness at Adobo Grill... sociology lessons at Rainbow...

- The Nightmares 7-inch test pressings arrived and they sound great. If the hazy blue marble vinyl that the tests were pressed in is the same as the edition, that will be excellent

- I am catching up on the weekend's mail-order, eBay, Discogs... All packages should be ready to go by this evening

- The BloodLust! August update will be sent out/posted in a day or two, as last-minute release and show info is sorted out. Thanks for being patient!