Thursday, August 06, 2009

Status - 8/6

- The new update went out today and I appreciate the early support on the new Nightmares single. Particularly during the day, but also recently, as people have learned about the special tour-only cassette and compact disc, we have received numerous requests to set aside or to sell copies of these releases ahead of the tour. While we would like to be able to satisfy these requests from a number of good customers, we have decided to stay firm on this --- we definitely want to make the limited cassette and compact disc editions exclusive to the tour, for those who come out to show their support for us. Of course, if we have copies left after the tour, we will announce them as being available for sale and we are keeping track of who is requesting copies. We know this may be a bummer for some folks who follow our work closely, but it kind of has to happen to "entice" people to come out to the shows. We hope that everyone understands

- I made two big mail-runs Tuesday and Wednesday, so all mail-order and Discogs packages have been sent, and all but the most recent paid eBay items are also in the mail

- I regret having missed last night's Paranoid Time show and at the moment I am not exactly feeling in the mood to see Warlocks, who are in town tonight and tomorrow. I have seen them numerous times and I always enjoy their shows... and lord knows I listen to them A LOT... but it just does not feel like the thing to do... blah...