Wednesday, September 02, 2009

TDS OGF via Heathen Harvest

From: Heathen Harvest

Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck - Champagne And Biological Women
Tuesday, September 01 2009 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Vargr Wulf

Champagne And Biological Women

Artist: Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck

Title: Champagne And Biological Women

Label: BloodLust!

Genre: Power Electronics/ Noise

01 Covered In Shit
02 Down In The Dirt
03 Still Erect (...And Definitely Not Leaving)
04 Mark Solotroff Built My Hotrod

A powerful and layered piece of audio depravity from the boys of TDSOGF and the evil mind behind Bloodlust! Track One, "Covered In Shit," comes in relentlessly and without warning. I have my record player EQ'd to the "jazz" setting on this and other noise releases, I find that captures a wider range of sound than "rock," and adequately highlights the morose and almost bluesy textures to the electronic assault contained on these tracks. An atmospheric gap between tracks one and track two ("Down In The Dirt") gives an enjoyable level of tension on the first side, which requires repeated listens in order to gain the full impact. TDSOGF has a "rocking" power electronics sound that fits in absolutely perfectly on the Bloodlust label, and this release is a stunning and brief picture of that partnership. The artwork is in the classic 90's noise collage style, showing spread-open legs, starving African children, the Virgin Mary and Lucifer in a Byzantine-style Icon painting, accident photos, antique pornography, and pictures of a baby and a symphony orchestra. Although the name of the group leaves nothing to the imagination, the music on here show a level of restraint and discipline that is very impressive. The themes of the music are in the classic Power Electronic style expressed by Consumer Electronics and Whitehouse, that of domination and submission acted out in extreme electronic music.

"Still Erect" begins with a low hum and high pitched cicada-like sounds, leading into a crunchy and scream-filled rape-rant. The final track, "Mark Solotroff Built My Hotrod," seems to be a tounge-in-cheek tip of the phallus to label owner Solotroff. It features a very strong synth buzzon the outset, with a concerned and direct vocal that sort of passes by and the whole thing is wrapped up by a sample at the end. It is a sample of a man ranting about money and success. The performance level of this EP has a "next-level" sort of feel that takes this release into a sort of lofty Hermann Nitsch-like level of visceral aesthetic punishment. These guys have what you would call "commitment to the bit." The songs on here have an influence from the groups's background in the hardcore scene, giving the tracks a brevity and wholeness that makes them unique little vignettes onto themselves.

This is a very blunt and memorable EP that reminds me somewhat of the EP's that Whitehouse did with Steve Albini, like the sound and aesthetic of "Thank Your Lucky Stars." The tracks are all regrettably brief, but there is a lot of quality on here that keeps the active listener flipping this over from side to side. It sounds a little bit different every time that I listen to it, and I'm on probably the 6th or 7th listen at this point. I would guess that none of these tracks are much longer than a minute and thirty seconds. I could definitely listen to tracks 2 and 4 in much longer versions. Powerful and dynamic mastering on this by James Plotkin, one hopes that these guys will do more work with Bloodlust in the future. Great music, very listenable and in the end mercifully brief (leaving you wanting more). Definitely a must-purchase for those of you with any interest in modern Power Electronics, these guys will show you what is up. I can't tell what the hell they are saying on here, however, and a lyric sheet would definitely be of assistance to the listener. A minor gripe regarding an essential release.