Monday, October 05, 2009

Death Musick Ritual - 10/4

Thanks to everyone who either stuck around after the show or who came out last night specifically to hear Bruce and me spin. Not bad for our first try, late on a Sunday night! It was a great night, overall, with a solid show, including a powerful, beautiful, trance-inducing, Indian Jewelry set, yet another excellent Oakeater opus, and a good time hanging out with friends. Bruce and I ended up DJing tag-team style, mixing classic, death, black, and doom-metal, death-rock, noise, early industrial, minimal synth, etc. I did not maintain a playlist, but I do know that I played Lifelover, Shining, Circle of Ouroborus, S.P.K., Martial Canterel, Mammal, Swans, BodyChoke, Cindytalk, Einsturzende Neubauten, Greymachine, Ilitch, The Leather Nun, Abruptum, and Cult of Youth. With our limited on-hand music, I was pleased to even be able to satisfy a few requests! Special thanks to the Saint Louis Nightmares nomads... And to the Empty Bottle staff for the wonderful hospitality, as always. Hopefully, again?